Here you will find our FAQ (also known as Q&A - Questions & Answers)...

General FAQ

Q: How Much is shipping of physical cockpit outside EU?

A: Still working on it, need to make as small as possible package and find cheapest shipping company. But don't worry, if will cost much, we will find commercial printing company near you and let them print it in your hometown!

Q: What company should i ask to cut and print my downloaded cockpit?

A: Any who has CNC cutting machine able to cut 4 mm corrugated cardboard and have UV printer. Should be at least one in every bigger town.

Q: Do you provide also gaming hardware as it is on pictures and videos?

A: No just cardboard cockpit, we want to give you opportunity to choose your own gear.

Q: How much approximately cost to cut and print my cockpit?

A: For sure it is different in every country, but I paid something about 250 Pounds which is about 427 $, but here in Czech Republic. I think you can get even better price in town with more printing companies, because usually they want to go lower than their competitor.