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About Us

Dogfight Boss offers low-cost (but highly detailed) simulator suitable cockpit for all gamers and flying enthusiasts, who won’t spend thousands of hours and dollars to create their own DIY home simulator.
Our cockpit solution is made from the very popular material of today, from corrugated cardboard and that is a big advantage, because it’s cheap, durable, lightweight, we can print high detailed textures on it and easily cut any shape from this material. With combination of perfect construction invented here in Dogfight Boss, it makes our cockpit comparable with others on the market which are made from much more expensive materials.

Because we are also game developers with 10 years of experience in AAA games we know what real gamers want. That’s why the inner dimensions of the cockpit are created for an office chair, why the front instrument panel can be cutted out for up to 22’’ monitor, why there is a space for tablet and you can place any kind of joystick to center or to the right side. If you have some USB gauges or when you want to add switches, it is nothing easier than to take a sharp knife and make place for it anywhere you need. We want to give you the freedom to decide what you will add so you can plan your solution depending on hardware you already have at home. We have also solved the problem of moving this 1:1 piece of fighter plane as you can always push it from the center of your living room to the side (where is usually placed projector or TV) because it is enough lightweight and if you need to move this cockpit from your room, we developed it without any need to use glue and your simulator can be disassembled in less than one hour and assembled again on to other place. If you are flying with drones or FPV RC planes, you can have it in a trailer and fly like a pro.

As we mentioned games experience before, we paid extra attention to textures, shot hundreds of real jet fighter’s photos from which we created 20K textures. It makes a feeling that it’s a real cockpit, even people standing half a meter from it can be confused by the realism of the surface detail.
Our current cockpit shape design is inspired by three US fighters, mainly by F-22 and textures are taken from a local museum.

In the near future we are planning to create also other versions of the fighter jet cockpits, civil planes, like Cessna, Boeing and some car cockpits. We already have prepared some of them as 3D models, also with an ejectable seat and canopy with curved screen.

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